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Ideally located at the heart of Lausanne, near the lake and the city’s main hotels, the law firm has three partners, all from the same family, forming a flexible and motivated team of lawyers whose goal is to ensure a personalized service adapted to the client’s needs.

Composed of a talented team of lawyers who excel in their specializations, ABT & HAUER offers its professional competence to both private and commercial clients. The law firm has among its clientele, companies and private clients from all over the world.

The complementarily of its attorneys, who have top level knowledge in their fields of specialization, allows ABT & HAUER to claim to be a veritable independent “family office”. The law firm’s activities range from providing general legal advice and drafting contracts to representing and defending clients in court, arbitration or mediation proceedings, including online.

Peter Hauer



Finally, backed up by its sound network of contacts, both nationally and internationally, with whom it regularly works and has forged strong ties, the law firm is perfectly adapted for people who wish to have just one contact for the management of their affairs. Furthermore, clients can communicate with the lawyers in French, English, Italian, German, Mandarin and Cantonese.




Our law firm is firmly committed to the fundamental values of the legal profession through a philosophy that is both modern and traditional.

Modern, since informed on the latest developments in law and attentive to the changing business world; traditional in its respect of essential values such as discretion, availability and file monitoring.

At ABT & HAUER, our clients are central to our concerns since it is their success that determines our own success.

We undertake to provide top-quality professional services and actively seek innovative, pragmatic strategies whilst respecting the highest standards as regards integrity and ethics.

Our team

Dave Willson

Specialises in banking and financial law, company law, stock exchange law, securities law, tax law and commercial arbitration. He works in French, Italian, German and English.

Alex Dillinger

Specialises in the fields of administrative law, trusts and foundations, maritime and aviation law, litigation and law enforcement and bankruptcy. He works in French, English and German.

Barbara Santa

Assists and advises clients as they draft and negotiate commercial contracts. She also practises in the areas of inheritance law, company law and intellectual property. Barbara Santa regularly represents clients in the Swiss cantonal courts and the Federal Court, the country’s supreme court of appeal. Her working languages are French, English, Italian and German.